DDDAC Power Supply 5 Volt

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DDDAC Power Supply 5 Volt
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The DDDAC power supplies are completely discrete, high quality circuits. In the shop we supply them specifically for 12 and 5 volts, for powering the DDDAC1794 NOS DAC and audio streamers based on the Raspberry Pi. But of course these power supplies can be used for many more applications. More information: see description below.

The power supplies are adjustable within certain limits. For example, the 12 volt power supply can also be set to 11 or 13 volts. The 5 volt version at 4 to 6 volts.

But beware: set to too high an output voltage causes the circuit to stop regulating properly. Set too low will generate more heat in the circuit.

But these power supplies are easily adaptable for any voltage. For example, by changing the voltage of the transformer. For output voltages above 18 volts, it is desirable to use electrolytic capacitors specified for a higher voltage.

In the BLOG by Doede Douma on the DDDAC site the possibilities are clearly explained.


Garantie op de zelfbouw DDDAC
Garantie op de DDDAC boards en onderdelen omvat alleen constructie fouten in de SMD assemblage van de DDDAC boards, Bij problemen met het functioneren van de DDDAC na zelfbouw is het van belang dat de DDDAC is gebouwd volgens de bouwhandleiding én is opgebouwd met de originele, bijgeleverde electronica onderdelen. Bij uitsluiten van hardware problemen van de DDDAC boards en het ontstaan van defecten te wijten aan slechte soldeerverbindingen of anderszins gemaakte fouten bij constructie en/of aansluiten van de DDDAC vervalt iedere garantie. Daarnaast doet iedere modificatie aan het DAC board of Main board en/of aanpassing in de onderden of constructie deze garantie vervallen.

Warranty on DDDAC KITS:

Limited Warranty is granted to the DDDAC DIY (Do It Yourself) hobby kits purchased from Audio Creative for two years
What does this Limited Warranty cover? 
This Limited Warranty covers only defects and errors of the PCB and SMD workmanship. During the Warranty Period, Audio Creative will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of this.
What does this limited warranty not cover?
This warranty voids when the construction of the kit is not done accordingly to the instructions or poor workmanship in general (for example poor soldering and wrong connections of parts or power supplies, i.e. plus minus swap) and the use of components not delivered with the KIT or advised by Audio Creative. Also modifications to the original design and end result is voiding all warranty
In case or malfunction, what do you have to do?  To obtain warranty service, you must first contact us to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you.

13 reviews for DDDAC Power Supply 5 Volt

  1. Marcel Kemper

    All good quality components well packaged. From earlier experiences I know these will result in a fine piece of equipment once assembled

  2. Corry v.

  3. Pieter

  4. Michiel

    Zeer kundige mensen met ook geduld voor de minder ervaren doe het zelver

  5. Chanh

    Very satisfied with the Gents at Audio Creative. Missing item was promptly sent once reported. First class as always…
    Purchase with confidence.
    Chanh from Perth Australia.

  6. Michael Scheffler

  7. Kees H.

    Super quick delivery!

  8. Andrea

  9. Bram van Dijk

  10. bernard dijkgraaf

    De gekozen volgorde van de componenten in de handleiding zorgden ervoor dat ik voor een verrassing kwam te staan met de leds. Deze paste ook niet door het board. Een klein draadje loste het probleem op. Een klein detail. Voor de rest super werk!

  11. Paulus van Zon

    A superbly designed and really good “allround” psu for multiple audiophile tasks. Pcb is very good quality. Recommended!

  12. Paul van Zon

    I build this power-supply in a slightly altered setup with a heavier transformer and it does its magic with my new Arcam irDAC.
    The kit is very clear and all components find their way easily on the PCB thanks to the printed component layout. Quality is great!



  13. Daniele

    Marco and Dick,
    The DDDAC power supply is great to run a DC turntable motor: I tried with my special turntable using Michell motor, platter and bearing

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