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Upgrade LencoBearing Shaft

(2 customer reviews)



This upgrade is only for Audio Creative LencoBearing users.  Now you can upgrade your LencoBearing with a new high precision machined Lenco shaft. For this I need you to send me your LencoBearing + ruby ball. I will send you a complete assembled and tested LencoBearing + shaft in return.
Note: Because of the tight tolerance of this shaft is does not fit in the original Lenco bearing. Therefore we do not sell the shaft separate.

2 reviews for Upgrade LencoBearing Shaft

  1. Ernst de Groote

    They provide excellent quality and very good service.

  2. Raymund

    Much tighter than the original, when pushing on the edge of the stationary platter one sees much less movement, but still low friction : peter out from 33 rpm is 24 revolutions, formerly 30.

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