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Ultra Wideband Low Noise Regulator

(3 customer reviews)



These New Class-D regulators are a big upgrade to common standard 78XX/LFXX type regulators. It's an easy and cost effective way to improve the sound quality in audio equipment.
A clean power supply is essential to making any audio equipment sound good. The ultra wide band New Class-D regulator is a highly effective way to achieve clean low-noise power voltage regulation. With full 1.5A capability.  The 3,3 volt regulator is perfect to supply the Ian Canada FiFoPi board on top of a Raspberry Pi, we use in our BerryStreamer XL with the DDDAC1794 NOS DAC. The 5 volt regulator can be used as a nice upgrade for the mainboard LF50 standard regulator.

We keep the 3,3 volt and 5 volt regulator in stock. Need other voltages? Just ask.

3 reviews for Ultra Wideband Low Noise Regulator

  1. Fred Portael

  2. Richard d.

    Very fast delivery

  3. Leo Heijmans

    Perfect quality regulator.
    Very good webshop

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