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Ultra Wideband Low Noise Regulator

(18 customer reviews)

 29,75 ( 36,00)

New Class-D regulators are a big upgrade to common standard 78XX/LFXX type regulators. It’s an easy and cost effective way to improve the sound quality in audio equipment.


A clean power supply is essential to making any audio equipment sound good. The ultra wide band New Class-D regulator is a highly effective way to achieve clean low-noise power voltage regulation. With full 1.5A capability.  The 3,3 volt regulator is perfect to supply the Ian Canada FiFoPi board on top of a Raspberry Pi, we use in our BerryStreamer XL with the DDDAC1794 NOS DAC. The 5 volt regulator can be used as a nice upgrade for the mainboard LF50 standard regulator.
We keep the 3,3 volt and 5 volt regulator in stock. Need other voltages? Just ask.

Nice to know:
A voltage regulator (any voltage regulator!) always needs a workspace to make the circuit work properly. If too low a voltage is offered at the input, not only does the voltage regulator no longer regulate properly, it also fails to reach the specified output voltage.
For the proper operation of the NewClassD Ultra Low Noise voltage regulators, maintain a working voltage of at least 2.5 volts above the specified voltage. And preferably a little more.

18 reviews for Ultra Wideband Low Noise Regulator

  1. David Coe

    These are great regulators that really make a difference!

  2. Frederik P.

  3. Jan

    Deze regulator heeft de standaard 5 volt regulator vervangen op het moederbord van de DDDac. Alles klinkt weer een klein stapje transparanter en schoner. Voor mij het geld waard. De ene dag besteld, de volgende dag in huis. Prima service

  4. J. Osinga

  5. Krzysztof J.

  6. Dennis D.

    Nice upgrade in regard to the usual suspects 😉

  7. Leo Heijmans

    Zoals altijd prima geregeld

  8. leo heijmans

    Perfecte regelaar

  9. leo heijmans

    Met deze regelaar is een absolute topklasse voeding te maken

  10. Kees

    Supersnel geleverd en keurig verpakt

  11. Frederik P.

  12. Felix de Schwartz

  13. G

    Klein stapje vooruit voor niet veel geld! (3.3v ipv 5v Berry Streamer /Ian Canada mod)

  14. Bram van Dijk

  15. Leo Heijmans

    Erg goed. Perfecte levering

  16. Leo Heijmans

    Perfect quality regulator.
    Very good webshop

  17. Richard d.

    Very fast delivery

  18. Fred Portael

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