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UberLight Flex

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In fact, the advantages of this clip-on LED lamp are numerous. The common thread is the high degree of adjustability. For example, the LED head can be rotated no less than 270° and the 67-centimeter silicone gooseneck or gooseneck construction allows the UberLight Flex to bend into any position. No place needs to remain without lighting anymore. And because of the choice of materials, the cuddliness factor is also very high. The fact that the UberLight Flex can be clamped to any surface (up to 5.35 centimeters thick) also means that this lamp cannot tip over while remaining lightweight. Another advantage of the UberLight Flex is that the light can be adjusted in as many as nine different ways.
For example, there are three different brightness settings for three different color heat settings. LED, of course, means low power consumption. So low, in fact, that a 5V USB connection can power the UberLight Flex. A separate adapter is included for this, but you can also plug the UberLight Flex into a suitable USB port. The only downside to an UberLight Flex is that you may have to order one more when you find out that it is also very useful as a reading light, lighting yourself on a video call or for all those chores where more and better light is always needed.


1 review for UberLight Flex

  1. Paul B.

    Arrived quick enough.

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