Thorens chassis veren (set van 3)

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Thorens chassis veren (set van 3)
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New suspension springs for Thorens TD150, TD160, TD165, TD166, TD145 and TD147.
After 30 years of duty, the springs from Thorens TD record players are not good anymore as they should be.
Often it is difficult to adjust the spring tension of the record player. We offer a new set of springs for your Thorens.

We often find that after 40 years of being under tension, the springs of Thorens players have lost some of their springiness. When the player has also been put away in the attic, the springs are also often stressed crookedly for years. Adjusting the Thorens turntable is then almost impossible to do. We had a new set of springs made for the Thorens TD160, TD 165, TD 145 and TD166. The springs are directly interchangeable with the original springs.
After mounting, adjusting the correct springs is easy and precise to do.


8 reviews for Thorens chassis veren (set van 3)

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    I am Happy customer

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    Looks goed, faster delivery



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