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StealthDrive idler wheel

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We have managed to produce an idler wheel based on the original Lenco idler wheel. No O-ring construction here! But a high quality, natural rubber vulcanized on a precise machined aluminium wheel. Exactly how Lenco produced their idler wheels back in the 1970’s. The outer rim is conical machined to obtain the best contact with the motor/platter which results in ultra low noise and ultra low rumble.
Why a new idler wheel?
Well, all original wheels have degraded in time. The rubber is hardened (even the best preserved wheels) and the outer rim has severe wear after 50 years of performance. With that we were not satisfied with the quality of the after market wheels including the O-ring types, which cause a lot of problems in roundness and stability which results in noise, unstable speed and rumble.

The Audio Creative StealthDrive performs better than any after-market wheel we have tested and is a direct replacement for all original Lenco idlers. In fact: because of the perfect angled contact surface, the fresh rubber with the right flexibility and preciseness of the roundness of the StealthDrive idler wheel, it performs better than any original old and worn Lenco idler wheel. It is not hard to imagine that the Lenco idlers are up for replacement after 50 years of operation. The Audio Creative StealthDrive idler fits all L-type Lenco record players, such as the Lenco L75/76 and L78. To ensure an optimal experience, we will add two PTFE replacement washers for free!
Note: Lenco used two different shaft sizes over the years. One of 2.5 mm. using a a clip to set the wheel (as showed in this pictures) and one of 3 mm. thickness with two nuts for setting and adjusting the wheel. Both sizes are available and can be checked before ordering.
The Audio Creative StealthDrive will be offered for an introduction price for a short period of time!

  • Which shaft diameter do you need?


2 reviews for StealthDrive idler wheel

  1. Brian

    I was a very impressed with the build quality and likeness to the original wheel. It was easy to install along with Audio Creative’s other parts I bought – idler spring, motor spring and grommet. This fixed rubber tire is very solid and seems to be a better design than having a wheel with tires to install. The contact is very smooth with the platter with great torque. The sound is more open, musical and sharper

  2. Greg

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