StealthDrive IdlerWheel Set

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StealthDrive IdlerWheel Set
(40 customer reviews)

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We have managed to produce an idler wheel based on the original Lenco idler wheel. No O-ring construction here! But a high quality, natural rubber vulcanized on a precise machined aluminium wheel. Exactly how Lenco produced their idler wheels back in the 1970’s. The outer rim is conical machined to obtain the best contact with the motor/platter which results in ultra low noise and ultra low rumble.

Replacing a bearing and/or idler wheel may take some time to work properly because a run-in period is required before the parts fully adapt to conditions. During the run-in period, the parts may make some noise and the performance may differ slightly from the expected performance. This is because the parts have yet to commit and “set” themselves. Over time, however, the parts will start to work more smoothly and deliver the desired performance. Therefore, it is important to be patient during the run-in period.

  • Which shaft diameter do you need?

A new idler wheel to replace the 50-year-old lenco wheel is no luxury. On the contrary, after 50 years the old rubber has hardened and become more slippery. That the wheel should not only have grip on the motor shaft and plateau, but also absorb motor- en platter resonances, is forgotten by many lenco users.
In addition to the idler wheel, the rubber grommet and tension spring are also essential for proper operation of the Lenco turntable. We believe that the only way to set proper operation is to replace all these parts.
An extra advisable option is to isolate the Lenco arm. We have good results with a professional vulcanizing tape. This tape is very easy to apply and provides optimal damping of resonances.
We therefore offer a complete idler wheel package including the tension spring, a new custom grommet, custom washers and vulcanizing tape for taping the arm.

40 reviews for StealthDrive IdlerWheel Set


    this wheel is the best I have installed in my LENCO/PTP setup. It is like the name 100% silent and easy installment.
    Recommended upgrade !!!
    My second recommendation is the LECNCO BEARING.
    I can really hear the difference between the original bearing and the dedicated one made by AUDIO CREATIVE TEAM.
    now all my lp’s sound like they should thanks to the essential upgrades in my opinion anyone that has the lenco l75 whether in PTP or original version should buy them.

  2. Alexander Nikitin

  3. joakim östin

    Super good quality but unnecessary heavy.

  4. Juergen S.

    perfect, Lenco runs silenmtly and smoothöy

  5. Gyula S.

    Quick delivery. Nice quality idler. Fine and smooth transaction.

  6. Johann Ziegler

  7. Hans v.

    Super Seller with the Best Lenco Idler available.

  8. Andrea

    Excellent product, excellent build quality, significant sound improvement. Highly recommended!

  9. Paul

    Supersnelle levering, grote verbetering tov het oude orginele wheel.

  10. Michele P.

    Excellent quality! TT is running stable without any noise.

  11. Edward K.

  12. Arjen Ronner

    The Idler Wheel is very well made, very stable to install. I wonder if this wheel last as long as the original. Time will tell….(my grandchildren)

  13. henrik

  14. Bart Verwer

  15. Michael Kelshaw

    I purchased a 3.00mm wheel to install on my PTP6 because I was so pleased with the A.C. 2.5mm wheel that I originally fitted, which I will transfer to my G99.

  16. james evans

    Prompt service and ease of website – unrivalled

  17. Acky Atkinson

    Wheel arrived beautifully packed here in NZ a few months ago, but I’d been hesitant to remove original wheel as the small clip has a reputation for flying off never to be found again. Go to Lenco Heaven for an alternative to the plier method that minimizes this risk. Finally took plunge today. New wheel sounds great and looks fantastic too. It’s a shame to have to hide it under the platter!

  18. Alivn Tay

    It is very nice looking and also Very quiet wheel.

  19. Pieter

    Mooi gemaakt en voldoet prima.

  20. Michael Kelshaw

    ‘Speedy’ delivery to England along with 2 Lenco ‘Grommets’ – Looks ‘the business’ – currently waiting to be installed in my PTP6 conversion with another Lenco ‘grommet’.

  21. Simon Heffernan

    I just received the Stealth wheel in the mail today. Fast delivery, less than a week to Australia! I would like to say my L75 is running well now. I soaked the old idler wheel in acetone. While the old wheel was improved, it still didn’t perform as well as the audio cre8ive stealth wheel. Maybe I’ll splash out and get the upgrade package one day!

    • marco bouwer

      Hi Simon, Thank you for your review. We are glad that you are satisfied. Have a great time listening!

  22. Mohd Ariff Kassim

    I have been using an Italian idler wheel but when it was replaced by stealth drive it was a revelation. My Lenco’s performance massively improved eliminating noise and especially rumble. I would strongly recommend this idler wheel to anyone looking to enhance lenco’s performance.

  23. Peter Risseeuw

  24. Hannes V.

    Perfecte levering en schitterende verbetering in klank voor mijn geliefde Lenco l75…
    Het toerental blijft nu meetbaar stabiel wat een fantastische verbetering betekent voor het algemene klankbeeld. Een echte must voor de Lenco

  25. Kai

    Sehr guter Ersatz, besser als die Konkurrenz. Verarbeitung ist sehr gut

  26. Rick McInnis

    Initially I thought it was beautiful but it has started “losing” some of the rubber. Very strange. Little balls of rubber are stuck on the sides.

    Initially it rode on the spindle very smoothly and now there is a little roughness – nowhere near as much as the o-ring idler I replaced with this but not as smooth as it was at first.

    I am lightly touching the idler arm to judge the smoothness.

  27. Rob Neefs

    quick and correct

  28. Anonymous

  29. Perina Pavel

    I’m very satisfite. Pavel

  30. Anonymous

  31. sebastiaan scholten

    Het idler wiel past perfect en het is professioneel gemaakt zoals omschreven en niet te vergeten het veertje geeft precies de juiste druk op de as van de motor

  32. Anonymous

    Massive sound improvement over the old one!

  33. Koray Pars

    Super responsive staff, helpfull and full support. Answers questions in no time. The product is also extraordinary, moulded rubber to the aluminium body like the original if not better.

  34. marcel

    Wat mij betreft, beter dan origineel, must have voor iedere lenco bezitter.
    ook een goede oplossing voor de rumble die vele conversie kits voor lenco’s plagen.

  35. Raymund

    I measure an eccentricity of 10um with one wheel and 15um with another, 10um would translate in a worst case wow of 0.03% (peak value !) due to the wheel. Considering the way the wheel is used in the mechanism this would be more like 0.01% (that’s because the wheel is really round, it’s just eccentricity).

  36. Earl Helm

    Working great. Still letting bearing run in.

  37. Greg

  38. marten n.

    Das StealthDrive-Reibrad (idler wheel) ist perfekt gefertigt und nun läuft mein Lenco L75 wieder wie er soll! Die Ausführung ist wirklich hochwertig und übertrifft in der Qualität das Original! Sehr schön! Schnelle Lieferung!

  39. William J Stevenson

    This new idler wheel is excellent. It replaced a well regarded aftermarket idler. As soon as I put a record on it was clear that I had made a good choice. This wheel is smoother running and speed stability is improved too. I will be using one in my next project and I have no problem recommending this wheel to other Lenco fans.

  40. Brian

    I was a very impressed with the build quality and likeness to the original wheel. It was easy to install along with Audio Creative’s other parts I bought – idler spring, motor spring and grommet. This fixed rubber tire is very solid and seems to be a better design than having a wheel with tires to install. The contact is very smooth with the platter with great torque. The sound is more open, musical and sharper

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