SPEC amplifiers

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SPEC amplifiers

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If you are interested in these great amps, please let us know. We can then see what we can do for you.

Our “Real-Sound” brings the true richness of music

We aim to manufacture best amps to experience music. The sound full of “MUSICALITY” faithfully reproduces the artistry of the performer. The musicality can be achieved by the tone as close as possible to the actual sound and the drive ability to follow the change without delay.We make an amplifier that is closest to the world’s most realistic sound.

SPEC-Corp in Japan was founded by the legendary audio designer Shirokazu Yasaki. He contributed to many breakthroughs at the best Japanese audio manufacturers. Aside from that he always kept developing products on his own as well. His heart has always been at tube amplifiers in combination with high efficiency horn systems. Naturally, he has developed a lot of those over the years.
Yasaki-san has now brought all of his knowledge and experience together in one place with SPEC.
He started developing what he would consider to be the ultimate amp. This became the SPEC-RSA F33EX.


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