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Silent Angel Rhein Z1 V2 music server

 1.404,13 ( 1.699,00)

De Silent Angel Rhein Z1 muziek server Z1 is een hoogwaardige muziekserver voor audiofielen.


Buy the Silent Angel RheinZ +  Silent Angel Forester F1 Power Supply and get the Swichtlink high grade power cable FREE!

Custom Built Motherboard for Audio

Customized and dedicated motherboard for audio usage. Low noise for  high quality music playback, shortest data path make the smoother and more pure data transmission possible. It consumes less power and introduces less noise on power rails to ensure more stable USB and network signals. The independent USB AUDIO dedicated circuit makes USB AUDIO processing isolated and gets less interference. As a result, data transmission is more stable, and jitter during data transmission is reduced.

Silent Angel Rhein Z1 -4
Silent Angel Rhein Z1 -3

Ultra Low CPU Power Consumption

The intel mobile series CPU consumes ultra low power consumption (as low as 6W) to reduce electrical noise from CPU and make the signal inside Z1 to be more stable and prevent from affecting audio device nearby.

Over Designed Power board

Customized and over-designed power board, which is capable of 160W output while Z1 only requires 40W, provides sufficient power to the motherboard and SSD and ensures stable data transmission.

Silent Angel Rhein Z1 -2
Silent Angel Rhein Z1 -1

High Quality Chassis made of Aerospace Industrial Grade Aluminum Alloy with CNC Processing

Compact and ingenious industrial design make Z1 an artwork. Fan-less design makes no mechanical noise. Z1 appearance obtained Chinese patent certification.



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