Audio Creative PhonoLink


The PhonoLink between the cartridge and preamplifier must ensure that the minute signal of the cartridge is optimally transferred to the preamplifier and at the same time must reject any unwanted signals from entering the signal path. In usual cables this is not taken sufficiently into consideration.
After most thorough analysis of these specific requirements we have designed a High End phono cable which meets all the requirements of the best phono cables in the world. The PhonoLink and Interlink use the same unique conductors which are made out of 99.999% pure silver.  Maximum shielding will prevent microphonic influence and cross-talk problems. This has resulted in a phono cable which sound rich and precise with a full body midrange sound. In other words: precise and very musical. The new PhonoLink is available as phono cable with 5pin DIN connector and WBT cinch connectors. A balanced XLR version is available as well.

Standard length: 125 cm.

    • 65 €


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