Ortofon SPU Meister Silver GMII

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Ortofon SPU Meister Silver GMII
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The SPU Meister Silver GM MkII is an SPU MC that has been improved on coil winding material, stylus and magnet

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The SPU is the only Ortofon stereo cartridge that has survived since 1959 and from all over the world gained a reputation second to none for an outstanding analogue sound reproduction

The original SPU model, engineered by Mr. Robert Gudmandsen in 1959, introduced low coil impedance concept. As a basis for reproducing superb high frequencies, this concept has been improved and refined in the decades since.
In 1992 the Ortofon SPU Meister was introduced to celebrate Mr. Robert Gudmandsen’s 50th anniversary working at Ortofon.
The new features for this cartridge, again fully respecting the original concept, involved a wooden box of noble tree – a dedication from Mr. Gudmandsen to the owner of the cartridge. An important new technical data was a raise in output of about 75%, by introducing the Neodymium magnetic circuit. Further the very pure 7-Nines copper was now used for the armature windings.

The cartridge has been outfitted with high purity multi-conductor 6-Nines silver wire (of a purity of 99,9999 %) for a more open and revealing high end presentation.
The nude elliptical stylus tip mass has been decreased by a factor of more than 50%, resulting in increased tracking ability and reproduction of microdynamic detail.
The generator system has been revised produce a slightly higher output to ensure compatibility with a wider range of moving coil transformers and active MC preamplifiers.

Technical data:

• Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec.: 0.3 mV
• Channel balance at 1 kHz: < 1 dB
• Channel separation at 1 kHz: > 20 dB
• Channel separation at 15 kHz: > 10 dB
• Frequency range at – 3dB: 20-25.000 Hz
• Frequency response: 20-20.000 Hz +2/-1 dB
• Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force: > 70 µm
• Compliance, dynamic, lateral: 8 µm/mN
• Stylus type: Nude Elliptical
• Stylus tip radius: r/R 8/18 µm
• Tracking force range: 3,0-5,0 g (30-50 mN)
• Tracking force, recommended: 4 g (40 mN)
• Tracking angle: 20º
• Internal impedance, DC resistance: 1,5 Ohm
• Recommended load impendance: > 10 Ohm
• Coilwire material: Silver, 6-nines

•Cartridge body material: Grinded wood
• Cartridge colour: Silver/Black

1 review for Ortofon SPU Meister Silver GMII

  1. Marcel

    de silver meister lijkt de “sweetspot”te zijn in de spu serie, de karakter eigenschappen van de originele spu’s, met de toevoeging van de sound van modernere elementen.
    klankmatig heeft dit element een volle getailleerde (spu) sound, evenwichtig, gebalanceerd, open, mooi laag, open en evenwichtig midden en een gedetailleerd hoog, zonder scherp of overheersend te zijn.
    in combinatie met de Groovemaster tonearm, een match made in heaven.


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