Oliospec DUB Power Supply module

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Oliospec DUB Power Supply module

 123,14 ( 149,00 incl. VAT)

This power supply module built by Audio Creative itself was made primarily for use with the Oliospec Diretta USB Bridge. This Oliospec DUB requires a supply voltage of 5 volts and draws 0.5 amps.
The circuit uses low drop Schottky diodes, 2 x 4700 uF Panasonic electrolytics and a superior all discreet built voltage regulator from Sparkos Labs.
This gives an ultra-clean output voltage from which the Oliospec DUB takes maximum advantage.
Using a transformer with a secondary voltage of 6 volts gives enough to work perfectly and keep the heat low.

The power supply module is sold built and tested.
Together with, for example, a 15 VA toroidal transformer built into a nice little housing gives a near perfect quality power supply for the Oliospec DUB that also remains affordable.

Purchased together with the Oliospec Diretta USB Bridge you will get a discount of 50 euro’s!

The PCBs are not sold separately.

  • *Add a complementary Amplimo transformer

    *Add Diretta USB Bridge with 50 euro discount

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