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Meze 99 Classic


This is what Dick wrote about these headphones after listening to them extensively: ‘Do you want a class-box headphone that doesn’t cost a rib out of the body, sounds good and, because of its beautiful design and finish, looks significantly more expensive than it actually is? Then take the beautifully made Meze 99 Classic with you on your shortlist.

Let's face it: the Meze 99 Classics is a strong offer in a now overcrowded market, even without my fringing. Execution a thick 10, sound a nice 7. With some small interventions, which can easily be turned back in case the preference is still for the original, I have tried to raise the last grade to an 8. This more than succeeded. The good has simply gotten even better for me. And how simple. Only by some tweaking with damping material. But stuff that works very effectively, the Twaron Angelhair.

De extensive review from Dick you can find here. all aout this great tweak here 

We offer these headphones, if desired, with the Twaron Angelhair shell attenuation upgrade. At no extra cost.


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