Mediator 40


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The Mediator 40  is a plug&play step-up transformer with a ratio of 1:40. The RCA cinch connectors are high quality Cardas connectors. The transformers of the Mediator step-up are  of the finest step-up transformers in the world. They were/are used by the most demanding and famous companies in the world such as EMT, Neumann, Siemens, Klangfilm and Telefunken. We have searched a long time for quality transformers which can meet our high standard and will match most cartridges. The sound of the Mediator 40 is smooth with a high dynamic range and rich detail. The Step-up ratio is 1:40 which makes it perfect for low output cartridges such as Ortofon SPU.The transformers are produced once a year in Germany.
Due to the review in Stereophile (June 2019) there is a high demand for the Mediator step transformers. Therefore we have a limited stock of transformers. Please allow 1 week for building and testing.

dimension: 100 x 54 x 75 mm. (LxHxW))


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  1. Frank Koevoets

    Great Transformer! I makes my SPU meister MKII sing ! It beats the triple priced Ortofon ST80 in musical performance with an SPU. Highly recommended!

  2. Kashef

    One word: Enchanting!
    When I unpacked the red jewelry box and connected it to my system, I was ill prepared for the shock – and awe – of a lifetime. In duet with my Shindo Giscours preamplifier, which is in a much, much higher price bracket, the pair sang more beautifully than any choral work and presented music in a full-bodied way than did Ben Webster when he ‘met’ Gerry Mulligan. Your creation is, it would seem, now the most important link in the chain of my arguably ‘high-end’ system. And all of this for a price which can only arise out of a philosophy and not a marketing strategy. You have indeed reached out to the mass with a true ‘audiophile’ component, a jewel of a product Für Das Volk.

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