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Mediator 20

(3 customer reviews)


The Mediator 20 is a plug & play step-up transformer with a turn ratio of 1:20. The RCA cinch connectors are high quality rhodium over silver plated connectors. The Mediator transformers are fully custom built. We have searched a long time to find a transformer equal or better than the Haufe transformer that was used in the previous Mediator. After a lot of listening and testing we designed a fantastic sounding step up transformer.

The Mediator 20 sounds sparkling, has a beautiful midrange with lots of detail and space. In short, we think the Mediator 20 is one of the best step-up transformers available. The Step-up ratio of the Mediator 20 is  1:20 which makes a perfect match with  low output MC cartridges with an output voltage up to approx. 0,35 mVolt such as the Ortofon SPU.
Note: this is a custom made product. It is made to order and therefore we cannot accept returns.

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How to calculate the Step-up gain for MC cartridges.
The gain of a step-up is specified in dBs. When you multiply the gain of the step-up with the output voltage of your element, you have the gain at the Phono amplifier. For most elements up to 0.35 mVolt output voltage you need a step-up ratio of 1:20 (27 dB). Above 0.35 mVolt a step-up ratio of 1:10 (20 dB) is recommended.

Turn Ratio:   1:20
Frequentierespons: 10 Hz – 80 kHz/ -1 dB.
T.H.D.: 20 Hz: <0,006 %
High Permeability Nickel Core.
Double Shielded.
Dimension: 100 x 54 x 75 mm. (LxHxW)

3 reviews for Mediator 20

  1. Kashef

    One word: Enchanting!
    When I unpacked the red jewelry box and connected it to my system, I was ill prepared for the shock – and awe – of a lifetime. In duet with my Shindo Giscours preamplifier, which is in a much, much higher price bracket, the pair sang more beautifully than any choral work and presented music in a full-bodied way than did Ben Webster when he ‘met’ Gerry Mulligan. Your creation is, it would seem, now the most important link in the chain of my arguably ‘high-end’ system. And all of this for a price which can only arise out of a philosophy and not a marketing strategy. You have indeed reached out to the mass with a true ‘audiophile’ component, a jewel of a product Für Das Volk.

  2. Frank Koevoets

    Great Transformer! I makes my SPU meister MKII sing ! It beats the triple priced Ortofon ST80 in musical performance with an SPU. Highly recommended!

  3. marcel

    Dat kleine dingen tot grote prestaties in staat zijn was al bekend, dit is er ook één.
    Toen ik het kleine juwelendoosje binnen kreeg, zag ik al dat de afwerking prachtig en vakkundig is. na de plaatsing in mijn systeem, kan het inspelen beginnen.
    Inspelen is echt nodig, en vrij lang, 50 a 60+ uur, in tegenstelling tot sommige apparatuur, neemt de mediator geen “stapjes”, maar gaat heeeel geleidelijk steeds mooier klinken, na 20 uur merk ik dat hij steeds gedetailleerde en vloeiender gaat spelen, richting de vijftig uur wordt hij echt briljant, WOW!!, dit is echt een bijzondere SUT.
    Ik kan hem aanraden voor elk systeem, SUPER!!

    It was already known that small things are capable of great achievements, this is one of them.
    When I received the small jewelry box, I could already see that the finish is beautiful and professional. after the placement in my system, the break-in can start.
    break-in is really necessary, and quite long, 50 to 60+ hours, unlike some equipment, the mediator does not take “steps”, but gradually starts to sound more and more beautiful, after 20 hours I notice that he is playing more and more detailed and smoother , towards fifty hours it becomes really brilliant, WOW!!, this is a really special SUT.
    I can recommend him for any system, SUPER!!

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