Mediator 10


New Mediator 10 step-up transformers are expected in week 35. Stock is limited, pre-order is advised
We have build the Haufe T-890 transformer in a beautiful enclosure and call it Mediator 10. It is a plug&play step-up transformer with a ratio of 1:10. The RCA cinch connectors are high quality Cardas connectors.Haufe transformers are one of the finest step-up transformers in the world. They were/are used by the most demanding and famous companies in the world such as EMT, Neumann, Siemens, Klangfilm and Telefunken. We have searched a long time for quality transformers which can meet our high standard and will match most cartridges. The sound of the Haufe T-890 is smooth with a high dynamic range and rich detail. The Step-up ratio is 1:10 which makes it perfect for medium output cartridges.



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