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Lenco V-block (set of 2)


Upgrade / Replacement of V-Block Bearings in Lenco Tonearms  L75, L76 & L78 and Goldring Lenco.
A common problem with Lenco turntables is the fragility of the tone arm bearings. All Lenco bearings show degradation and for correct functioning of your Lenco tonearm it is neccesary to replace them.

The V-Block are made of one of the best materials available: Tungsten Steel. Tungsten is one of the hardest materials available and offers excellent hardness and durabilty. This is the best material to replace the olde V-blocks. The V-blocks are press-fit and easy to replace without the need of extra tools. Check here how to install the V-blocks in your Lenco tonearm.



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