Lenco Motor Springs

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Lenco Motor Springs
(9 customer reviews)

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Replacing the motor springs on a Lenco turntable is important because the springs play an important role in isolating motor vibration and shock. The springs carry the weight of the motor and help minimize any resonances. Over time, however, the springs can stretch, deform or deteriorate, reducing the stability of the engine suspension and this can lead to unwanted noises and vibrations that negatively affect the sound quality of the plates. Therefore, replacing the engine springs can provide better sound quality.

The springs we supply are exact copies of the original Lenco motor springs and are made of high quality steel.

9 reviews for Lenco Motor Springs

  1. Mick

    Perfect, and that goes for the communication and the product…

  2. Emanuele R.

    Very firm. Do their job

  3. patrice poinsot

  4. Luc Wuytack

    Perfect springs to rejuvenate the motor suspension as new.

  5. Pieter

  6. Vincent

    In spite of the confusing product pictures, it looks like there are 4 large springs and 2 small ones, while in fact there are 2 large and 4 small ones, and my surprise this caused after opening the package, I’m very happy with my puchase. After calling AC and with the aid of the instruction page installing was straightforward. Motor felt much sturdier suspented, noise was clearly less and WOW (as measured with a mobile phone app) was reduced from 0,08% to 0,06%! Really excellent!

  7. William

    Went above the call to make sure my order was correct.

  8. Mark

    I have been impressed by the quality of these new springs, they made a big improvement to reduce motor noise, recommended.

  9. Greg

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