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Lenco Grommet

(26 customer reviews)

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The idler grommet has an important function. It reduces resonances caused by the idler wheel while driving the platter. If you look at the 50 year old grommets, they are all dried out, hardened and showing cracks. There is no way these old grommets can do their job properly. To overcome this issue, we have produced new grommets and a new brass insert. The idler shaft is not included.

26 reviews for Lenco Grommet

  1. Alexander Nikitin

  2. joakim östin

  3. Johann Ziegler

  4. Edwin S.

    Perfect fit.

  5. Edward K.

  6. henrik

  7. Viren K.

  8. Bart Verwer

  9. Michael Kelshaw

    This is the 3rd A.C. ‘grommet & sleeve’ that I have purchased. This one has been fitted into a 3mm Idler arm in conjunction with an A.C. 3.0mm wheel and is now in use on my PTP6.

  10. james evans

    Prompt service and ease of website – unrivalled

  11. Paulina Babinski

    Perfect fit with the Lenco L70/L75 Idler Arm.

  12. Laszlo

    The grommets were shipped very fast. The quality is superb and the tutorial on the website is perfect. It took me a few minutes to replace the old dried grommet. I am not too handy, but it was really easy. Highly recommended!

  13. Pieter

  14. Michael Kelshaw

    I purchased 2, and immediately installed one into my G99 following speedy delivery to England, and according to the ‘strobe’, appears to have helped with the the speed stability as viewed on the ‘strobe’.
    The second one is waiting to be installed into a PTP6 conversion.

  15. Mohd Ariff Kassim

    Helps in absorbing unwanted resonance

  16. leonardo

    ok for my Lenco ,work !!

  17. Hannes V.

    In combinatie met idlerwiel een absolute aanrader!

  18. Kai

  19. Rick McInnis

    If you are going to replace the idler you should replace the grommet, also.

  20. Anton Mehl

    Huge sound improvement, easy to install

  21. James

    Perfect fit and fixed the speed fluctuations I was experiencing

  22. sebastiaan scholten

  23. Anonymous

    Perfect fit!

  24. Jeffrey Lomas

  25. marten n.

    Die Tülle (grommet) führt/hält/federt die Reibradführung (idler arm/idler wheel bracket) exakt so, wie es sein soll. Zusammen mit dem neuen Reibrad hat der Lenco wieder einen kraftvollen und sehr ruhigen Antrieb. Perfektes Ersatzteil! Danke!

  26. Greg

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