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LencoBearing + Motor spring set

(10 customer reviews)

 309,92 ( 375,00)

Available for both Lenco or PTP chassis.
All Lenco’s record players I have seen, do have some play and wear in the bearing house. Especially the sintered bronze bushings are worn out most of the time.
This is expectable after 50 years service…. Available now is a Titanium plated stainless steel bearing  to replace the old Lenco Bearing. Also included is a high quality precise machined Shaft with extended nose (18 mm.) The LencoBearing is Plug & Play.

  • Customize for PTP chassis

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The LencoBearing  comes complete with a ruby bearing ball and a thrust-plate machined out of a special quality, high resistant synthetic with an ultra low friction coefficient and a thickness of 5 mm., Audio Creative bearing oil and new felt ring. It fits all Lenco L-type record players.

This Lenco upgrade offers a much stiffer construction that minimises resonances. The LencoBearing and bearing Shaft are made to very close tolerances. Better than the original Lenco. The bearing bushings are made of self-lubricating sintered bronze. The bearing shaft is made of hardened steel and polished to the desired tolerance. A good bearing ensures a more precise playback, with an open and detailed sound image. Due to its narrow construction and tolerance, the bearing provides less noise between sound passages. How to install the bearing and motor springs you can check on the Lenco instruction page.

What is in the package:

  • Complete LencoBearing including a new High Grade Shaft.
  • Shaft with extended 18 mm. nose
  • Ruby Bearing Ball
  • High quality special polymeer  5 mm.Thrust Plate (no POM!)
  • Stainless Mounting screws
  • 1 set Lenco Motor Springs
  • Fully assembled, Plug & Play and ready to replace the original Lenco bearing

10 reviews for LencoBearing + Motor spring set

  1. Pieter Stuurman

    Vandaag kwam het nieuwe lager binnen. Het ziet er geweldig uit. De afwerking en materialen zijn prachtig. De kit komt met alles dat je nodig hebt en laat zich super eenvoudig installeren. Na een kwartiertje warmdraaien de eerste plaat opgezet. Ik had geen groot verschil verwacht omdat mijn originele lager geen speling liet voelen. Ik was dan ook verrast toen ik hoorde dat alles direct beter klonk. Met name schoner en levendiger. Maar ook een betere basweergave en een preciezere plaatsing, zowel in de breedte als in de diepte. Een relatief goedkope en effectieve upgrade voor de Lenco! Bedankt Marco!

  2. marco bouwer

    Hallo Pieter, graag gedaan en veel luisterplezier!

  3. Dariusz Musiał

    Hi Marco !!!
    The bearing was delivered on Wednesday. I have been listening since Wednesday and I am very surprised with the impact on the sound. Everything has much better control than ever before. Worth the investment for the price … I am very happy with purchase Best regards !!!

  4. Markus

    Dear Marco, bearing is installed and running. Platter running perfectly smooth and overall the stage became much more quiet, more sound, more punch. My original bearing was not that bad but it looks like the massive bearing pushed everything. Thanks for the additional spring set as you said we don’t why exactly it did not fit on my L75 with the original springs but with your spring set the lower springs are 5mm higher so it solved the problem.
    Maybe a tip to complete this upgrade, adding or offer a support collar for the bearing to stabilize the new bearing. Best regards, Markus.

  5. Egbert B.

    After using the upgraded bearing for a while, I can tell that there are no problems whatsoever. The platter runs smooth and quiet.

  6. Jeffrey Lomas

    long delivery lead time due to COVID and Australia Post delays

  7. Anonymous

    Excellent finish, super silent running. Just perfect!

  8. sebastiaan scholten

    Deze as is absoluut een goede investering voor je lenco, op de oude as zat een beetje speling (ook niet zo vreemd na 45 jaar) aangezien deze as 3.5 kilo rondslingerd en deze onbalans doorgeeft in de hele speler, daar heb je met de lenco upgrade geen last meer van.
    De nieuwe as is ook veel groter dan de originele en aangezien ik ook nog een messing platter en puk aanschaf nou deze as kan dit dragen
    Geen speling meer en meer rust in de speler

  9. maurice

    Zeer mooie kwaliteit

  10. Edwin S.

    Excellent workmanship! I have another (longer) spindle bearing which is very popular in the lencoheaven community, but unfortunately, the spindle is not really perpendicular to the platter (causing platter unevenness) and the spindle is not perfectly round. With this spindle bearing, my platte is now even, and the spindle is really smooth. As for the sound, WOW! I should have bought this spindle bearing long time ago. It’s expensive, but is it worth it? You bet!

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