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Hook-up wire Teflon/PTFE

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Solid Core Hookup Wire

We have searched a long time for this hook-up wire. Now we have found a supplier. This wire is solid core silver plated copper wire with a Teflon/PTFE insulation. Ideal for hook-up wire in (tube) amplifiers. Heat resistant and ideal for soldering. We use this wire in our DIY amplifiers but also want to offer it to all DIY builders.


Teflon/PTFE insulated solid core wire(silver plated copper)
0,81 mm. diameter
Max 600 Volt

PTFE hook-up wire

Blue 5 mtr, Blue 10 mtr, Black 5 mtr, Black 10 mtr, Red 5 mtr, Red 10 mtr, Yellow 5 mtr, Yellow 10 mtr, Green 5 mtr, Green 10 mtr

2 reviews for Hook-up wire Teflon/PTFE

  1. Ben van den Akker

  2. Mario W.

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