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High Grade Turntable Oil

(3 customer reviews)

 18,60 ( 22,50)

Maintenance of your record player is essential. Therefore we have composed this turntable oil from various high-quality oils. The most important component is a special SAE20 engine oil without additives. This oil was the one developed for fuel engines in the 1950s and 1960s and was also used by Thorens as bearing oil. Today, this oil is still used in classic cars and motorbikes. Our turntable bearing oil is blended with a special polymer developed for extreme industrial conditions. This combination reduces the friction coefficient by 15% and provides an extremely stable lubrication over time, while the correct viscosity of 170 cP is maintained. This oil is particularly suitable for classic sintered bronze bearing bushes. The oil comes in a 20 ml. needle bottle for precise dosage and is enough to replace and maintain a record player bearing.

In addition to lubricating the bearing, this oil is also ideally suited for the lubrication of other turntable parts where a lubricant or oil is required.

3 reviews for High Grade Turntable Oil

  1. sebastiaan scholten

  2. James

    Did increase my fee platter spin time and better than synthetic motor oil

  3. Erik

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