Headshell Spacer

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Headshell Spacer

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Not all tone arms have a VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) adjustment to adjust the height at the back of the arm so that the tone arm is parallel to the record surface when the stylus is in the groove, or to compensate for the proper SRA (Stylus Rake Angle). You may also find that the cartridge is mounted too low, causing the needle to extend just short of the arm/headshell.

We have therefore had a number of spacers made that can be placed between headshell and cartridge.

Material: POM:
This is a high quality and low resonance plastic suitable for use as a spacer.

Material: Carbon fiber:
Carbon fiber consists of a reinforced composite material that provides excellent control over the vibration behavior of the headshell/cartridge. The inherent resonant frequency has a high Q-factor, is lower in frequency than a standard metal shim and is known for its very low damping factor, resulting in the intended acoustic transparency.

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The use of our high-quality pacers ensures a very flat and rigid connection between the cartridge and the headshell. The large surface area ensures perfect contact with the opposite surfaces. It is an excellent intermediate material to transfer direct energy between parallel surfaces. Consequently, the Audio Creative Spacer is the perfect joint for vinyl enthusiasts who want an optimal connection between the cartridge and headshell.

Audio Creative Spacers are machined to precise specifications and fit most headshells.

Custom Made Headshell Spacer


  • Material: Carbon fiber or POM
  • Finish: Matt
  • Color: Black
  • Mount holes: per EIA Standards, 1/2″
  • Size (HxLxW): 5.0 x 23.0 x 19.0 mm.
  • Weight Carbon: 2.83 g.
  • Weight POM: 2.57 g.



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