HeadShell HS-01

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Our new headshell is a fully customized headshell by us where we did not make any concessions regarding material and quality. The headshell is made of a strong aluminum alloy and has a specifically designed shape to eliminate micro resonances as much as possible.

Besides the material choice and shape, the transit of small audio signals is very important. The conductor of both cartridge clips and connector pins is high quality copper with a very high conductivity of 100 IACS. This compares to the most commonly used material (brass plated with 28 IACS). Then the copper is silver-plated with high-quality pure silver.

The Headshell leads are made of fine silver (99.999%) and have a Teflon mantle. What is also special is that the cartridge clips are crimped to the cartridge clips. Not using solder results in much better signal transmission.

All conductive parts are cryogenically treated for optimum sound quality.

Total weight of the headshell: 20 grams

The Audio Creative headshell HS-01 is now available on pre-order. Shipping will be in the first week of January 2023. Look for more information and orders in the webshop.

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