GrooveMaster II -> III upgrade

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GrooveMaster II -> III upgrade
(8 customer reviews)

 243,80 ( 295,00 incl. VAT)

Now you can upgrade your GrooveMaster II tonearm to the latest version: the GrooveMaster III. The upgrade includes a new developed counterweight which is threaded and will set VTF very easy and precise. The new counterweight replaces the old counterweight with all the extensions. Also the new counterweight is de-coupled from the tonearm for less resonance and therefore will improve sound.  The counterweight is made of stainless steel and a brass nickel plated insert. It comes with two or three end knobs (depending on the tonearm length) which can be replaced without removing the counterweight. With changing the end-knob you will have a range from 15 gram up to 38 grams of cartridge weight (headshell included).

The tonearm rest is an improvement of the old armrest. With this new arm-rest the tonearm will secure the tonearm to slide of the arm lift.
Note: The armrest upgrade does not work with GrooveMaster tonearms which have the Jelco lift.

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8 reviews for GrooveMaster II -> III upgrade

  1. Frank Koevoets

  2. Daniel BETTIN

    Je suis très content de votre service ,étant professionnel dans la hifi sur Aix en Provence (la maison de la hifi ) , j’aime énormément votre sérieux.
    Daniel Bettin

  3. Natalia

  4. Dirk Ullrich

    Ich bin mit dem neuen Gewicht sehr zufrieden. Das einstellen ist viel einfacher.

  5. Roberto

    The Groovemaster III upgrade allows an easier and more precise fine tuning of the tonearm vertical tracking force. Also the tonearm is looking better now!

  6. Dieter Schroeder

    Everything as expected

  7. Alexey K.

    A great improvement in usability and a noticeable step up in reproduction quality.

  8. Anonymous

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