GrooveMaster-II tonearm


Lead time of the GrooveMaster is 3-4 weeks from order.
Note: Customers from Greater China (China, HongKong, Taiwan and Macau) will have to order with our distributor: Contact:

  • Titanium tonearm tube
  • 99.99% silver internal tonearm wiring
  • Custom tonearm lift 
  • Custom headshell connector

  • *GrooveMaster tonearm length
    For tonearm specification see below.
    • 0 €
    • 50 €
    • 145 €
    • 145 €

    *Choose your GrooveMaster color

    • 45 €
    • 165 €
    • 195 €
    • 220 €
    • 0 €

    • 145 €
    • 165 €


Product description

GrooveMaster-II specification



  1. marcel van der linden

    Een prachtige “custom made”tonearm, gemaakt van eerste klas materialen, volgens zeer nauwe toleranties.
    een mooie partner voor elementen die een wat zwaardere arm nodig hebben,zoals bv de ortofon spu elementen.
    klankmatig, prachtig! open, gedetailleerd, evenwichtig en neutraal.
    de Groovemaster kan zich meten met elke arm op elke draaitafel, mits geschikt daarvoor.
    met de service en ondersteuning van Audio creative, een aanwinst voor elke vinyl liefhebber.


  2. James

    The groovemaster mkii is an amazing arm. It beats most I have compared it to. Those of particular note are the 3x the price vpi fatboy. Which bettered the groovemaster only in top end air but as it is uni pivot this is expected. Your arm was cleaner through the middle. better separation. Faster. More variety of timbre especially in the bottom.
    On the idler type tables I use the Schick which it flat out embarrassed. Beating it at its own game the strong points of the Schick are big sound body nice saturated bottom. Well the groovemaster was easily superior in these aspects but – and this is interesting because of the name – it follows the music with a much better flow – or groove- so the “PRAT” was far better. As well as subtlety and nuance the Schick doesn’t even hint at the groovemaster is at once delicate and nuanced while it also has explosive dynamics and big transients all this and the flow of the music it’s rhythm is laid down hard and fast.

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