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FunkFirm Houdini

 318,18 ( 385,00 including 21% VAT)

The Funk Firm Houdini is an isolation device that, when installed between your turntable tonearm and cartridge does a fantastic job of decoupling the cartridge from tonearm vibration. Houdini cartridge isolator device is effective on even the most high-end vinyl setup and it’s guaranteed to transform your analog sound….

Available in 2 variants, Threaded and Bolted, for threaded (captive thread M2.5 which is fixed from above) cartridges and bolted (lugged cartridges with usually the need of a bolt and nut to fix) type cartridges respectively. See the image immediately below this form if you at all unshure which Houdini to choose.

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The Funk Firm Houdini decouples the cartridge from the vibration of your tonearm. Three years of development went into creating the Houdini. The result is more information, better fidelity, and better sound. The differences are immediate and are not subtle. In Hi-Fi terms… More Pace / Better Mid clarity / Blacker Space / Greater Dynamics / Stronger Bass Attack. Houdini cartridge isolators provide an enhanced sense of pace and greater dynamic range, allowing for higher volume settings. Harshness and brashness is removed with an increase in resolution.





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