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  • ETI Kryo XLR set (1 x male + 1 x female)

ETI Kryo XLR set (1 x male + 1 x female)


The connector housing is milled from a single piece of Tellurium copper and then silver plated. The dielectric (insulation material) is made of Teflon®: a heat-resistant material that can
enable high temperature soldering. Teflon is, after or in combination with air, generally be assessed as the most high-quality and sound-neutral dielectric. All contact pins of both the male and female XLR are milled in one piece. The signal connections of the Cryo XLR connector must be soldered. Cables with a diameter of up to 14 mm. can be easily applied. The Kryo XLR connectors are supplied as a set. (1x Male and 1x Female).


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