Wooden headshell

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Wooden headshell
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The Audio-Creative wooden headshell is a high quality, hand crafted headshell. It is a beautiful and musical upgrade for any tonearm with custom made P-mount connector (see below).
It fits all standard mount tonearms. The connector is custom made. The headshell leads are 99.999% silver made by van den Hul. Note: the headshell is not Azimuth adjustable.

For our headshell, we have developed a new headshell connector. We have had the conductive pins of our headshell made of pure copper (IACS 100) and then silvered with a very pure silver layer. This gives an optimal conduction of the very small phono signals which results in an overall better sound.

Total weight: 14 gram

Wooden headshell

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4 reviews for Wooden headshell

  1. Steffen Balthasar

    Excellent sounding and looking ebony Headshell with high quality wiring. Due to its weight and in contrast to most other wooden HS, this HS better contributes to a high effective mass which is favorable for low compliance cartridges.

  2. Stephan

    Great Headashell, sounds really good, but you must be a bit carefull handling the delcate headshell cables

  3. Alexander

  4. Duane Jackson

    This is an excellent sounding headshell. I have tried several other copper and silver leads. I found the silver leads supplied with the headshell to be my favorite.

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