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Ebony headshell

(3 customer reviews)


The Audio-Creative Ebony headshell is a high quality, hand crafted headshell. It is a beautiful and musical upgrade for any tonearm with standard P-mount connector.
It fits all standard mount tonearms. The connector is custom made and adjustable for Azimuth adjustment. The headshell leads are 99.999% silver.

    • 20 €
Wooden headshell

Ebony + nickel plated fingerlift, Ebony + gold plated fingerlift

3 reviews for Ebony headshell

  1. Duane Jackson

    This is an excellent sounding headshell. I have tried several other copper and silver leads. I found the silver leads supplied with the headshell to be my favorite.

  2. Alexander

  3. Stephan

    Great Headashell, sounds really good, but you must be a bit carefull handling the delcate headshell cables

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