Diretta USB Bridge

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Diretta USB Bridge
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The Oliospec Canario DUB (Diretta USB Bridge) is a Diretta bridge that allows you to enjoy the unprecedented sound quality of the Diretta streaming protocol. The Oliospec Canario DUB is a Diretta Target connected via USB to a DAC. In addition to a Diretta Target, you also need a Diretta Host.

Oliospec is the first manufacturer to offer an affordable solution based on the superior Diretta Lucia Piccolo module!

Purchased together with the Oliospec DUB Power Supply Module, you will get a discount of 50 euro’s!

Please go to to the Oliospec DUB Power Supply Module Product Page to purchase both together with  50 euro discount.


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The DUB can be connected directly to the audioserver with a LAN-cable or over the network.

  • The Canario DUB comes with three types of feet that allow you to further tune the sound.
  • The Canario DUB is delivered WITHOUT power supply.
  • A 5 Volt DC power supply with a 2.5×2.1 mm plug is required.This can be done with a simple 5-volt power adapter, or, for example, with a more luxurious iFi power adapter, a very luxurious Ferrum Hypsos. In other words, choose the power supply of your choice.Bear in mind that upgrading to a better power supply afterwards is always possible. There are plenty of nice 5 volt power supplies on the market.But you should remember: an audio device is only as good as its power supply…
  • The Oliospec Canarino DUB consumes little energy. An average of 2 watts. So a power supply that can deliver 1 Ampère is more than sufficient.

Diretta is a new transmission technology that dramatically improves the connection between audio server and DAC. Diretta is the brainchild of Japanese wizard Yu Harada.
The motherboard in the Canarino DUB is the newly developed Diretta Lucia Piccolo. The first product to be equipped with this advanced module.
The latest version is a simplified and basic version of the high-end Diretta Lucia used in SPEC’s RMP-UB1.
The hardware platform is fundamentally different from the previous Diretta Target PC, which was based on an x86 PC. It is also Oliospec’s answer to those annoyed that the previous Diretta Target PC was based on a PC.

3 reviews for Diretta USB Bridge

  1. A.B.S.

    I have just received my unit. Very nice sounding one! So much better than my Raspberry Pi 3 with GentooPlayer and Diretta license. Qobuz is sounding so fine now on Audirvana Studio on my dedicated audio pc with a JCAT netcard XE. My dac has an Amanero usb input. Local music files and Qobuz play all resolutions and transitions between them without noises and clics even when I use “Sync” setting and low buffers values on the installed bridge program on my Windows Server 2019 with a gui. I’m using a linear power supply and some nice usb and lan cables. The only thing that was not as I was expecting – but it turned out to be a good thing – was that the unit I have received don’t have two indicators lights on the front as pictured on this anouncement, but only a light under the unit! The front panel don’t have nothing. The good thing is that there are no lights to distract your attention while listening – and I sure you will listen to it a lot! Diretta is very new and have very few reviews and evaluations but I was attracted to it after knowing that top japanese brands use this protocol as seen on their site (https://www.diretta.link/). Then I read some reviews on this french forum (https://forum-hifi.fr/thread-19836.html) and finally the review by Dick on https://audio-creative.nl/projecten/diretta-het-nieuwe-digitale-ei-van-columbus/ and then decided to buy it. Lately I have tried a DDC by Singxer (the SU-6) and a Gustard U18A and was using an all Dante system (Focusrite Rednet pcie card and a Rednet D16 AES). Diretta USB bridge is a no regrets option for usb/lan audio and a very interesting option available for a digital to digital converter.

  2. MarcoD

    This little box is truly magical! In case you have plans to spend thousands of euro’s on a desent audio streamer? Wait! My advice is to give the OlioSpec DUB a chance. I connected it to several DACs so far (DS/R2R/NOS). Not the DDDAC unfortunately since mine lacks a USB input so i must upgrade it soon. I use an 80 euro linear power supply to feed the DUB, an Intel NUC7I5BNK Core i5-7260U-8GB/128ssd running Win10pro, ROON server and Diretta driver. Server and DUB are connected through a (audio grade) network switch and it sounds really amazing.

    I had a small issue with the configuration. After sending an e-mail to Dick, he aswered after 7 minutes(!) and the problem was solved. Great support!

  3. C.L Kleine Staarman

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