Magic Power Supply 12 Volt

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The Audio Creative Magic Power Supply is the result of long-term tweaking and listening to the best components available. The circuit is based on the good things of the past with the component quality of today. Built in a custom made blasted stainless steel enclosure, the MPS is Plug& Play. Swapping out the power supply is easy. The dimensions and mounting holes are identical to the normal DDDAC 12 volt power supply. Which makes interchanging in an enclosure easy. The height is identical to a DDDAC1794 NOS DAC with four DAC decks.

The principle of the Magic Power Supply is based on a CLC design and tweaked to perfection with custom components. As such, it is not a regulated power supply. The Magic Power Supply is designed and optimized for a 4-deck DDDAC that requires a current of 800-1000 mA. But the MPS itself has plenty of power reserve.

Compared to the standard 12 power supply, the MPS gains in a more powerful low. There is a lot of quiet, space and air. The best comment we received: the DDDAC with Magic Power Supply sounds better than my High End turntable….I love the “analog” sound of the DDDAC!

The Audio Creative Magic Power Supply is only available in 230 Volts/50 Hz.

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  1. Quint v.

    Excellent powersupply, sounding more dynamic than the standard 12V DDDAC PSU. Instruments like violins and woodwind instruments sound more natural.

  2. Kees H.

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