Complete Lenco Upgrade Set

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Complete Lenco Upgrade Set
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Order a complete upgrade kit for your Lenco Turntable. Everything you need to bring your Lenco record player back in top condition. The Lenco Upgrade kit includes:

  • StealthDrive idler wheel
  • Fully assembled and tested LencoBearing
  • LencoBearing includes a precise machined, hardened and polished Shaft
  • Tension spring
  • Set motor springs
  • Lenco Grommet
  • High quality anti resonance tape for idler arm
  • 20 ml. high grade bearing oil
  • Mounting nuts, washers
  • Idler wheel circlip for 2.5 mm. shaft included
  • Idler wheel lock nut for 3 mm. shaft included

Replacing a bearing and idler wheel may take some time to work properly because a run-in period is required before the parts fully adapt to conditions. During the run-in period, the parts may make some noise and the performance may differ slightly from the expected performance. This is because the parts have yet to commit and “set” themselves. Over time, however, the parts will start to work more smoothly and deliver the desired performance. Therefore, it is important to be patient during the run-in period.

  • Choose your idler wheel shaft diameter:
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14 reviews for Complete Lenco Upgrade Set

  1. Christoph

    I was very pleasantly surprised with the excellent service I received from Marco. His mantra felt to me like: Only the best is good enough for my customers. And that is exactly what I got.
    Marco notified me of an issue with one of his parts I had purchased and immediately proposed a solution to correct that. Triple + in my book for Audio Creative as a source for information, excellent service and top quality parts.

  2. Klaus-Werner Bender

    Very good looking parts. Have not finnished my turntable yet. What is missing is a instruktion for the motor spring placement .

  3. Giuseppe Zoppi

    Ho chiesto delle informazioni sui prodotti acquistati ma il signor Marco non ha risposto . Comunque ringrazio per la qualità dei prodotti e la professionalità. Giuseppe

  4. Randall Ferino

    The idler wheel for the Linco and the new bearing worked out just fine. However, installing the V blocks was very difficult. They were oversized and needed to be retrofitted into the pivot collar by shaving down the sides and the base to bring the height down. It was a very tedious project. However after much time and work I was able to sit them in and reassemble the tone arm. The results were very good but the amount of work really was quite a bit.

  5. david schwarz

    Fantastic bit of kit, all fitted beautifully, had the whole thing up and running in about an hour and a half. Sounds fantastic, a real improvement over the stock items.Just like to also say Marco answered all my silly questions prior to purchase, usually within a couple of hours, excellent customer service. Highly recommended, the product and service!Good luck Marco.

  6. tommy andersson

    Parts seem to be of very good quality, looking forward to have my record player assembled

  7. Jutta F.

    Die Verarbeitung von Lager und Reibrad ist dem Preis entsprechend hervorragend, ebenso die ansprechende Verpackung! Nach Einbau der Teile war eine deutliche Verbesserung der Laufruhe und ein differenzierter Klang festzustellen. Dieses hatte ich in diesem Ausmaß so nicht erwartet. Vielen Dank ich höre täglich nur noch mit meinem alten – jetzt revidierten – Lenco 75.

  8. Adrian

    I would like to thank Marco Bower at Audio Creative for this exceptional product combined with his exceptional support and patience. The upgraded Lenco components have an extremly high manufacturing quality and even the packaging in wood enclosure hints at “Liebe zum Detail”. Quite unique in my opinion, without any doubt.

  9. Sebastiaan Scholten

    Dit is mijn tweede kit omdat deze upgrade echt de moeite waard is !
    Je krijgt gewoon een nieuwe speler

  10. Donald Troise

    I used the upgrade for my second L-75 build which is a PTP 5, I ran the TT with an original rebuilt bearing with a ruby ball and NOS original idler wheel, and NOS idler arm. It sounded great however the W/F # was not reference class. It was 2.4 which is unacceptable. After this upgrade the W/F is .05 which is a monumental change, the soundstage depth, air, and slam of notes are really brilliant, the PRAT is unreal as it didn’t have this level prior to the upgrade. BTW I use a real Flutter meter with a 2000 Hz test tone for the measurements not a phone app. This is the best upgrade currently available, I should know as I have purchased all of the other ones for my other Lenco and this one wins hands down “There is no competition.”

  11. Jan Verbiest

    Het is een prima restauratiekit. Een enorme opwaardering van een pakweg bijna 50 jaar oude platenspeler. De as is iets dikker dan de oude: 7,45 mm. 7,2. Een Michell-platenklem past er niet omheen. Maar gelukkig zijn er aandrukgewichten met een asgat van 7,5 mm. Samenvattend: van harte aanbevolen!

  12. Anonymous

    Extremely fast shipping!

  13. Michele

    Every componend came in a very good quality. From my feeling it is an increase of performance… coming from a constant high torque transmission…

  14. Mikael

    Very easy to upgrade. Took me an hour and half of that was spent looking for tools.

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