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Audio Creative ResoEx Turntable Platter

(3 customer reviews)


Note: out of stock at the moment. Lead time is 6 weeks. Replace the stock mat of your turntable with the Audio Creative ResoEx mat and hear your turntable’s level of musicality, detail and dynamics taken to the next level! A 5 mm thick and 2.3 kg. heavy, high-quality selected brass damping material provide the ultimate acoustic and mechanical interface, ideally matching the vinyl record. The mat is CNC machined to the tightest tolerances. The selected brass material is selected for maximum damping of unwanted resonance.

Available on back-order


Material: gunmetal brass
Weight: 2.3 kg.
ResoEx dimensions: see picture

3 reviews for Audio Creative ResoEx Turntable Platter

  1. Raymund

    Amazing damping of Micro RX1500 platter, even more of Lenco L75 platter, inner side of record lies 0,5mm lower than outer side so adjusting the arm accordingly is neccesary, platter is perfectly executed.

  2. Jeffrey Lomas

  3. Sebastiaan Scholten

    This brush is the best i ever had, it takes all the dust off in a second!

    The brass platter is taking my records to an other level, it is a very good upgrade, and with its weight off 2.4 kg you stabilize your player also…
    This in combination with the new audio Creative spindle bearing its just the best combination

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