Audio Creative O.P.T. Gold for DDDAC (pair)

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Audio Creative O.P.T. Gold for DDDAC (pair)
(7 customer reviews)

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After many months measuring and listening, tweaking, more measuring and listening etc. we proudly present our new custom made Audio Creative O.P.T ‘Gold edition’ for use with our DDDAC 1794 NOS DAC/ BerryStreamer . A further evolution from our first O.P.T. transformer to take the DDDAC 1794 NOS to a next level.

This is by far the best sounding transformer we have listened to and tested on the DDDAC.! Regardless of the price.

This new transformer is not a replacement. It is the bigger brother from our original O.P.T. It has all the fine qualities of the smaller output transformer, the nice flow, the transparency, the great soundstage, but with more pure power. The headroom is extended, the push in the lowest octaves is just mindblowing.


This new output transformer for the DDDAC 1794 NOS DAC is also a low-ohmic 600/600 design and shows little or no sensitivity to connected amplifier loads from 5 kOhm and higher. Both, balanced (XLR) and single ended (cinch) outputs, can be made with the transformer. The sound from the DDDAC 1794 NOS DAC is so much better with an output transformer than with a capacitor, that this is almost a must if you want to get the best sound. And this new ‘Gold’ edition pushes the DDDAC1794 NOS DAC further to new heights!
A schematic how to connect the OPT is added below.

The housing of the O.P.T. Gold is 50 mm high and it has a diameter of 40 mm. With the transformers, 10 mm high spacer bolts are used with the supplied mounting hardware to give the wiring enough space. So that makes the total build height 60 mm.


7 reviews for Audio Creative O.P.T. Gold for DDDAC (pair)

  1. john wijers

    dag dick hier mijn verslag deze nieuwe trafo.s levendiger muzikaler meer ritme beter podium instrumenten meer uit elkaar vond dat van de vorige een min punt en ook meer laag moet ik nog mee aan de slag speel wel met 8woefers van 18 inch ik speel met een open baffle ik vind erg mooi bedankt voor deze verbetering gr john

  2. Felix

    Rich, detailed, stunning!

  3. Dick Q.

    I am Very happy with the O.P.T. Gold for DDDAC More of everything in music……. happy listener !

  4. Gerard

    Fantastische O.P.T. zeer ruimtelijk met mooi en diep gaand laag. Een must have!

  5. Quint v.

    This O.P.T. lifts some veils compared to the Cinemag’s I used before. More neutral and more space. A nice upgrade.

  6. Marcel

    Het gebeurt niet vaak meer dat je WOW effect hebt, als je al een tijdje in audioland rondloopt, maar toen de Audio Creative O.P.T. Gold for DDDAC
    in de dddac waren gemonteerd, heb ik ze eerst 5 dagen laten inspelen.
    Toen….. WOW, zoveel ruimte en diepte waren toegevoegd aan het geluidsbeeld, mooie volle en gedetailleerde klank, een enorme verbetering.
    Voor diegene die al een dddac heeft of er één gaat bestellen, een must have!!!

    It doesn’t happen often that you have a WOW effect when you’ve been around in audio for a while, but when the Audio Creative O.P.T. Gold for DDDAC
    were mounted in the dddac, I first let them break in for 5 days.
    Then….. WOW, so much space and depth was added to the sound image, beautiful full and detailed sound, a huge improvement.
    For those who already have a dddac or are going to order one, a must have!!!

  7. Mike Blakey

    It took me a bit more “work” to implement the new Gold output transformers in my DDDAC than anticipated. But basically I just needed to drill a few new holes to mount the transformers and this was hardly an issue as it is DIY after all. These replaced the Cinemag txs I used for a couple years. While difficult to describe I feel as though the foundation is better (bass response) with a bit more density (meaning improved Timbre) and therefore believe-ability to the experience. Bottom line is I fairly quickly moved on from the change or “upgrade” and got back to listening to music. I believe the price is worth the benefit. And I’ve really appreciated the responsiveness I’ve received with questions along the way. Great company and fabulous offering!

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