Audio Creative Lenco

How to Install the Audio Creative StealthDrive

Carefully remove the clip from the shaft by pulling it off with a plier. Be careful not to loose the little clip. You need it to fix the StealthDrive idler wheel.

Clean the shaft and place the first PTFE washer. Put a small drop of oil on the shaft.

Place the StealthDrive on the shaft and place the second washer. At last, mount the little clip and press it all the way to the washer. Very important: Make sure there is no play between wheel and washers and the wheel runs smooth.

lenco idler

Lenco shaft with two nuts. Mounting process is the same. When finished fix the nuts with threadlocking varnish to prevent them from turning loose.

Clean the motor shaft with alcohol or thinner and mount the idler drive in the Lenco record player and place the (new) tension spring. You might adjust speed settings. 

How to replace the Lenco Idler Grommet

Careful press out the old grommet and brass bushing. Be careful not to damage or bend the idler shaft.

Put some pure silicon oil or, in lack of silicon oil, use some soap on the idler holder and press the new grommet in by hand

Press the new brass bushing slowly in the grommet again using some pure silicone oil or soap. Use a flat surface for this.

Press it all the way down. Check if the other site is aligned as well. Correct it by hand if neccesary.

Put a small drop of oil in the brass bushing. Use the little clip to fix it on the record player. Job done!

How to install the Audio Creative LencoBearing

The LencoBearing is updated and now includes a high quality machined shaft. It is assembled and tested and is a direct replacement for the original Lenco bearing. Note: the LencoBearing comes with a set of Motor springs. They have to be replace d as well for a correct functioning of the LencoBearing. More information and pictures will follow soon. How to replace the Lenco Springs, see below.

How to install the Motor Suspension Springs

Remove the motor and springs from the chassis. Then place the new springs as on the picture.

Carefully place the motor on the springs and place the lower springs as on the picture

Use the the new nuts to fix the motor springs. Job done.

How to install the Tungsten Lenco V-blocks

Remove the old brittle V-blocks and clean the holes very well.

Make sure there are no parts left in the tonearm base.

Carefully place V-blocks one by one by pressing them in by hand. Note: the V-blocks are press-fit and some pressure is needed.

Make sure the Tungsten V-blocks are pressed in exactly in the holes. Enjoy!

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