GrooveMaster Set-Up 

How to Install the RotaryLift


Mount the RotaryLift on the turntable using the screws on the bottom or via the large nut. The position is determined by the Pivot to Spindle distance of the GrooveMaster.


Pass the PhonoLink cable through the RotaryLift and attach it to the GrooveMaster tonearm


Loosen the nut of the collet sufficiently and slide the GrooveMaster into the collet. Now tighten the nut loosely by hand so that the GroovemMaster can still slide through the rotaryLift.


Place the RotaryLift in the center position by turning the handle


Place the cartridge above the Lp and lower the tone arm and set the GrooveMaster so that the needle just barely touches the record. Be extra careful not to damage the needle.


Now that the height is set only the needle - platter bearing distance needs to be set. This is approximately 24 cm (+/- 1 cm.)


When it is set turn the RoraylLift handle to the highest position


Now, with feeling and caution, hand-tighten the nut with the tool provided. This fits exactly around the cutouts of the nut.


The GrooveMaster is now ready to use and with it, the RotaryLift allows the VTA to be adjusted easily, steplessly and while playing.

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