Audio Creative is formed by Marco Bouwer and Dick van de Merwe. Two veterans in audio. After a long career as a reviewer, writer for audio magazines and above all as a self-builder of audio equipment, we know better than anyone what a good audio equipment sounds like and we also know that sound quality is not related to the price tag attached to the product.

Our mission is to develop good quality audio equipment where sound quality, solidity and reliability are paramount and where the price is related to the quality of the product. Our passion is audio equipment that has its origins in the 60's and 70’s of the last century where quality was still a high priority. Just think of products from the fine mechanics industry from Germany, England and Switzerland. Brands like Thorens, Garrard, Lenco, Leak to name a few. Our audio equipment is based on the techniques and fine mechanical quality from the golden age of the audio industry.

All Audio Creative products have gone through a long process of development before they are finally approved by us. They have been extensively tested, measured and fine-tuned. We can confidently say that Audio Creative products can sound and technically match the best and most expensive audio equipment in the world.

Our products are mostly made in-house and are built by hand. All electronics are measured and tested for durability and reliability. We have a wide range of measuring equipment in house including an Audio Precision. Most of the equipment is offered by us as a self-assembly kit. But when self building is not possible, we can build it for you. We also have a number of products in house that we have developed together with another audio manufacturer. Also these products we can recommend to put together a fine and high quality audio installation.