The GrooveMaster II

12" Transcription Tonearm

A Master of Analog Playback

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GrooveMaster II Features

  •   Tonearm length. 12" Transcription Tonearm
  •   Bearing. High precision hybrid ceramic horizontal and vertical bearings
  •   Ant Skating. Magnetic bias setting

  •   Colors. Available in 2 stunning colors
  •   Banana: Banana tonearm shape stresses the metal, lowering resonance
  •  Titanium tonearm. Titanium tonearm optional
  • Most important: Fantastic sound!

The GrooveMaster II Keeps you Listening

Most importantly, how does the GrooveMaster II sound? That is very subjective of course. You should check our customer's reviews: what they think of the sound of the GrooveMaster II. You will find glowing comments on the GrooveMaster II from happy owners. A satisfied listener is music to Audio Creative!

The GrooveMaster II Defines the Art of Sound

The GrooveMaster II has control over the cartridge, providing the stable interface the cartridge needs, with minimal degradation of electrical signal, with minimal resonance, with minimal bearing noise, displaying a full-bodied sound that captures the fundamental dynamics of music, while bringing out the finest instrumental detail. The GrooveMaster II defines the art of sound. Playing records with the GrooveMaster II is very addictive. We love the combination of the GrooveMaster II with the Ortofon SPU cartridges. As they say: a match made in heaven.

The Audio Creative Groovemaster II 12" transcription tonearm will match all cartridges with a compliance up to 20 µm/mN. In the video beneath you will find a musical impression of the GrooveMaster II on a very nice Garrard 301.

" Beautiful 'Audio Grail Garrard 301' with Audio Creative GrooveMaster II + Koetsu Coral Stone "

Defining the Art of Sound - GrooveMaster II

"Hear what our customers say " Testimonials

"The GrooveMasterwas sufficiently clear to let me hear subtle differences between the two masterings"

Who needs anything more? I mused, a thousand words ago.Such words come back to bite. As it happens, both versions of the Audio-Creative GrooveMaster II are easy to use, good-sounding products, and both offer very high value for the money. Enthusiastically recommended.

Art Dudley, Stereophile February 2018.

You can order your GrooveMaster II Here

There are good tonearms and very good tonearms, but there is only one GrooveMaster.
It‘s difficult to find modest words when you get such a fantastic crafted and unbelievable sounding tonearm. Finally, it’s the perfect match for my SPU‘s.

Thank you Marco for your patience and time


The new Audio Creative 12'' Banana arm mounted to our reference turntable the Verdier Platine. The magnetic anti skate is really well thought out and executed and sonically it far outperforms the SME 3012. Actually this could well be the best sounding detachable head shell tonearm I've used.


Just to let you know I installed the Groovemaster on my PTP Lenco75 and it sounds fantastic, a huge step up from the 12” Jelco I had before. More bass, more impact, great imaging. I’m very pleased. Cheers!


"this could well be the best sounding detachable head shell tonearm I've used..."

Yesterday mounted the GrooveMaster on my Micro Seiki. Thanks to the custom base Marco supplied, everything fits perfectly. That is what goord service is about! The GrooveMaster is looking very good and weel made. The tonearm fits my Koetsu cartridge perfectly.


GrooveMaster II - Specifications.


  • Ultra low friction Semi-Ceramic bearing
  • Cardas or 100% Pure Silver tonearm wire
  • Jelco tonearm lift
  • Custom headshell connector
  • Custom PTFE 5 pin tonearm cable connector
  • Mounting sjablone & Arc protractor  included
  • Titanium tonearm tube optional


  • Mounting distance 304,75mm
  • Offset angle: 17,11 degr.
  • Overhang: 12,82 mm
  • Effective length: 317,57 mm
  • Effectieve mass: 22 g.
  • Advisable cartridge compliance < 20 µm/mN
  • Effectieve mass: 22 g.

My PTP project is progressing slow, but now it is time to finish. The Groovemaster arrived and with opening the box a big 'WOW' was heard. This tonearm is impressive and I have been looking for a long time for a tonearm lijke this. The Dutch caftmanship and the excellent communication with Marco pulled me over. It is tonearm without bling bling, just as I like it.


GrooveMaster II Colors

Silver Grey

The Silver Grey is a beautiful neutral color which will fit all record players.

Coal Black

More pictures soon!

The Coal Black color is a beautiful contrast with the silver coloured elements.

You can order your GrooveMaster II Here

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